Reflection Paper (Theology 104)


            I choose the following Question to answer for my reflection paper in Theology 104, the first. Did Jesus need to be born of Virgin?   Yes did Jesus needed to be born of a virgin, if Jesus was not born of a Virgin how we would never of known of his existence because in the in the Bible it say’s Jesus was born of a Virgin this makes him a God-Man he is both a son of man and son of God. Being born a son of God Jesus would not been able to do the things that he has done.         The second question, if a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?  As Christian is does matter how they live their life because we the Disciples of Jesus Christ, Christians live the way they do because we are commanded to do good works as Jesus would do good works.

            The third question, what can your local Church do to better communicate with God’s love to your Community?   Well for starters my local church can always pray first for our community, prayers open the door to God and the people that are praying. We can do good works around our local town; we can help others by giving them food for the Holidays. These are some of the ways my local church helps.

Did Jesus need to be born of a virgin?

   Yes, Jesus needed to be born of a Virgin. If was not born of a Virgin he would of just been the son of Man, do I believe Jesus would still do his good works Yes but he would of sins of Man to bring him down and might not of died on a cross.  Because Jesus was born of a Virgin, Jesus didn’t have any sins. He walked around claiming he was one with God, that yes he was God and he allowed everyone to worship him.

       The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is an independent doctrine and which we can receive or reject with affecting our Christianity.  Jesus birth is the core foundation of stones built to make Christianity and our faith would crumble if it is removed, this is why Christianity has become today because of this great birth of Jesus Christ.     Some people say that the birth of Jesus is not important but when you look at Christianity it is indeed important because if it didn’t happen there would be no Christianity.

     Christ is a sinless Character, above all he is the key to the doctrines of the bible and if Jesus was not born of a Virgin he would have been unable to save himself because he would have not been a sinless savior. What I am saying here is that Jesus was meant to be born from a Virgin so that one day people would look up to him, worship like we would need to worship our creator God.  When Jesus died on the cross for our sins he had saved us all so that we can have our freedoms as of today, we must always remember that Jesus is always there for us just like God. 

If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life?

            If a person is a Christian it does matter how they live, as Christians we have a purpose in this world we are meant to love each other, we are meant to treat our neighbors as we would want to be treated, we are commanded to do good works.   If we didn’t do all three of these things we would be Christians, we would just be people treating to live our lives and not caring for anyone else around us. I agree though there are some people who pretend to be Christian who in fact these people aren’t Christian, just because you go to church every Sunday doesn’t mean you are Christian it just means you go to church and pray but don’t do the good things a Christian should do. 

     I have run into many people like that, they go to church and talk about others while in church and then when they leave church they continue to put down others. Why is this? What goes through their mind because Jesus would never put down anyone, Going to church is the start of a relationship between you and God and Jesus Christ. Jesus would want us to good works in the world today if we did not we wouldn’t be Christians.

            If a person is a true Christian they will indeed care for everyone around them, they will do Good deeds and help out their neighbors. They would grow spiritually, they would grow through faith.   When we live in the ways we do that would reflect on our ways as we enter heaven, doesn’t mean it gives immediate access to heave but it means does mean that we have our paid our dues because of the good we have done.  

            Being a Christian understands the faith and living up to that faith, being a Christian we should do on to others as we would want to be treated. Understanding our Christian thoughts is important to the way we walk, talk, and breath and lives on this planet. We are who we are and we share our lives with each other.

What can our local Church do to better communicate God’s love to your Community?

            What can my local church to show better communication of God’s Love to my community, for starters we can begin by open the doors and hearts to all people living in and around my community? It is a crucial beginning that is very important to the way the First Baptist Church of Readsboro can grow the trust of friends and make a bigger family. 

     Our church is a place for believers to walk in; anyone can share their thoughts and prayers about anything they want or bothering them. The church is used as a place of protection from the outside world, I have prayed many times for the world around me and I am very thankful for the things I have received from the church in the long run.   The church community is a bonding of people, (Town. Pg 100) if we didn’t bond together I would see bickering and arguments all over the place. Because we are what we are and a base faith-community we will always grow from within our own hearts through Jesus Christ.

    We are a community that allows diversity; we allow all different types of ideas to come in so that can change. Sharing our love for one another, having dinners to help senior citizens out, bake sales to raise money even our Offertory sometimes goes to a special place to help other communities out or to help out people in need of assistance. The best gift my church allows and this is why I wanted to be Baptized this year is that we are all entitled to our opinions and facts, I was accepted into the church because of all the problems I have had in my life.

            The church will be and forever a interactive community, because I have been accepted into the church and a big part of the church I now have a chance to do something that I have wanted to do in my years of music education and college life and that is be a music director.  I am the choir director in my church and not because I was picked because I had strong talks with my pastor and showed him my love for music now I have rehearsals twice a week for 1 hr 30 min and sometimes longer.  They allow me to pick the best music to sing if it’s from classical to singing music in our Hymnals; they assured trust in me for doing so. 

            What makes a church a church a church? Is the person inside it that care and share the love of God through the community and the town this is how we begin to show everyone that the church is a good place to begin.




            My progression in Christian thought is know the 5 principles of God’s will and knowing that the sixth principle is doing whatever you want so long you understand and know the first 5. My faith is growing everyday for the readiness of God’s Love, he is always there even though he might not answer every prayer and every conversation you have with him. God is and will always be by your side, think for a second. God is the alpha & omega he is the creator of man why should we search for him when he is already there beside us we might not see him but he is already there.

            God doesn’t want to be found but worshiped, if he wanted to be found he would be hiding but he isn’t hiding him all around us. If you ever believe in Guardian Angels then you will understand my story, first started our when I was 10 and I was on the little league field playing baseball. The coach always put me in right field it was my spot, that one day when I was on that field I saw a beam of white light surround me it happen for 2 seconds which felt like a long lasting light. When the light had passed I looked down in my glove and saw a baseball I had no idea how it ended up there or where it came from, everyone’s expressions on their face were priceless because they too had no clue what went on but only I did. I never jumped up to catch that ball I just stood there and let it go in my glove. 

  That day I will never forget because of the spiritual happening, from that day my progression of Christian grew and it is where I am today growing in my thought and helping others around me, though I might not be able to do much because of my difficulties with my disability I am still here today ready to take on more good works because that is what Jesus would do.




Core Christianity. Elmer Towns. “The church community is a bonding of people” Pg 100. Copyright© 2007 by Elmer Towns. Published by AMG publishers 6815 Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421.

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